Chinese Missions to the West

I have seen a very interesting picture of Chinese troops standing besides a German plane most likely in Africa, so I presume this was during the North African Campaign. Was there such Chinese mission? If yes, was there any other Chinese missions?

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It is hard to believe but actually there was cooperation between (also) Nazi Germany and China before Japan got involved. After Japan declared war on the USA this ended as Germany needed Japan for its free fleet (not that Japan ever bothered to really help Germany.) Japan took Colonies from Germany after World War 1 and while I haven’t found sources I can imagine (factcheck me please) that the Japanese were aware about the extreme racial policies in Germany.

I am not sure whether this is Africa, if it is a desert it can also be the Spanish civil war. (Spain has some desert too. Who knows more,


Not to mention the Chinese declaration of war.


Welcome John, The picture shows a captured FW190 and the Photo is taken in 1943
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On FW190 in North Africa
The FW 190 was a late arrival in North Africa, making its combat debut on 16 November 1942. Over the next 6 months, III./Z.G. 2, III./S.K.G. 10, II./J.G. 2, the Stab and II./Sch.G. 2, all successfully flew the FW 190 in North Africa. Many aerial victories were achieved, and the FW 190 fighter-bomber pilots demonstrated how effective the FW 190 could be against ground targets. III./Z.G. 2 (re-named III./S.K.G. 10 in December 1942), was particularly successful