Chinese Front in 1942 etc

Greetings Indy, Astrid, Sparty and their wonderful staff,

Just a note to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the October/November coverage of 1942. I feel like we have reached the absolute crescendo of the war. Stalingrad, Torch, Al Alamein, Guadalcanal, Kokoda are all burning hot right now, and that is amazing. Your coverage is just great, and while other channels are picking events like Stalingrad apart in minute detail, only you are providing a global context for all these conflicts. Well done.

I think you might need to do a catch up episodes for some of those less discussed theaters that are also lit up in this time. These might include:

No word on the Chinese Front in a long long time.
The nightly European Air War
The Battle for Madagascar ended in Nov6 1942. No mention.
Yugoslavian infighting between Communists and Chetniks.
And why hasn’t Leningrad fallen yet?

Now I completely get why you are focused on the main theaters of the hot land war at this crucial period, and it would be very wrong not to cover them, but people need reminding that the apparently less important areas were still being fought over too, and they all contribute to the historical context. Think about the logistical difficulties of Germany’s bizarre rail policy, and how the round the clock bombing is taxing the extended German front… Or is it? If we don’t talk about it, people will ignore the contributions made by the brave devils engaged in these operations.


Maybe a monthly special episode on China / Burma. To me, It is very complex to keep track of what’s happening in China on a weekly basis, if your not familiar with all the basics of that theatre. But an important part of the history to understand.

I joined as a TimeGhost Army Specialist but I have not yet experienced what It means by “and a say in what program we do”
Just for your kind information


I concur on the CBI, and understand the time and resource constraints of the creators. A monthly or even quarterly update would great. I recently watched a video of Richard Frank speaking on his book Tower of Skulls: A History of the Asia-Pacific War (which I need to read) noted that at that time, India, China, SE Asia to Japan contained almost half the population of the world, and the war there has been mostly overlooked by western historians. And while we divide the war in the ‘theaters’ it is all interconnected.


I do feel as though coverage of the Chinese theatre would require equal effort as the current level of Eastern Front coverage to flesh out clearly. That being said the Eastern Front in and of itself has so much going on that they may have to compete for time slots. I certainly would love to see more of it and I’m certainly that they have something up their sleeves. I’d love to see Astrid mention Dai Li on spies and ties.


I was very pleased to see that the TG team had done a special on Chinese Espionage in WW2 recently. Given the complexities of the espionage war in China they did a good job too.