Chiang Kai-shek Plays it Like Stalin | Between 2 Wars | 1926 Part 3 of 3

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In 1926 Chiang Kai-shek manages to turn the Kuomintang into his own private army, and the events are befuddling… Hosted by: Indy Neidell Directed by: Astrid Deinhard Written by: Spartacus Olsson Produced by: Astrid DeinhardExecutive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson Creative Producer: Joram Appel Post Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns Edited by:…


I’ve already learned so much about China between the fall of the Empire and the full scale Japanese invasion in the later 1930s. Thank you TimeGhost! I knew next to nothing about this.