Change email address

Hi Joram,

As a habit I used my university email address for almost everything, including Time Ghost. Now that I have graduated, I want to change my primary email address at Time Ghost to a personal one. Is that possible?

I hope to hear from you.



I posted your question to Jake and Sparty in the App-group. They are very active so expect them to answer soon.

Best Regards en dank voor het lid zijn.


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What Chewbacca has an english name? What? Why does Disney keep adding new lore?

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Hey there!

Can you please email me with the email you are currently using and the email you want to swap with and I can take a look for you.

You can reach me at

Talk soon!



It is my handle, kinda since I took a Wookie Pluche thingie on my first Solo flight during flight training. The joke was that i was required to fly by myself but took the best copilot in the Universe on my 6 hour multistop overland! :slight_smile:

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