Canadian War mobilization

As Indy did a show on American mobilization, I hope he can do spots on Canadian and Australyab mobilization which were both independent. Canada had 1/10th of allied North American population and production and was a significant manufacturing g exporter. I live in Canada and spent a good deal of time in Malton, which was launched as an aircraft production centre by the war. Canada also had an independent currency and was not dependent on lend-lease. I think it deserves to be covered, it is a different and separate story from the USA


Agree. As a Canadian (born in Poland) I’d love to see a special on this topic. Great idea.


I agree with you, I would love to see a few specials about Canada. Topics like If Day, The Conscription Crisis, The Canloan Program. A couple Bio specials would be amazing too. Here’s hoping.

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Speaking of IF Day, that is an entire focus in Hearts of Iron 4. Perhaps Indy ought to walk down to Paradox HQ again and do another collaboration (or three).

If the team misses that every ounce of Uranium the US had was refined in Port Hope, Ontario and not in the US, I will be quite disappointed.

Side note: I assert that Paradox deserves a Canadian Heritage grant for turning Canadian history into a video game. Perhaps a luncheon with the Governor General at Rideau Hall? Order of Canada for the dev team?

Second Side Note: Canadian, Indian, Australian, etc. history and experience was all unique. I will argue for examining each’s history as independent and essential in their future historical trajectories.

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That would be pretty awesome. I always hated that you have to choose between industry or manpower in the focus tree. Wish there was a mod that disabled it.

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Mutual Aid and the Billion-Dollar Gift are also topics that need to be explored. Canada did not want and received not a dollar of Lend-Lease. We were an exporter and an equal financier, with the US, of Britain. Our financial contribution was in fact slightly greater per capita than the American one, which caused some issues post-war.

Quite simply, Mackenzie-King and Roosevelt arranged a deal whereby financial imbalances would be addressed through managed trade, not Lend-Lease.

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