Can you tell us more about Operation Titanic?

I’ve been going through the hour-by-hour videos of D-Day and had hoped to hear more about Operation Titanic, the SAS operation that had as its aim to divert German forces away from the operational goals of Operation Overlord. From what I’ve heard about it, it achieved this goal as several German units were directed to deal with these diversions. Aside from several hundred dummy paratroopers (so-called Ruperts) a small number SAS commandos were also dropped in with sound equipment to mimick sounds of battle. Hope you can elaborate on this. Thanks in advance.


I just saw Mark Felton’s video on it:


Apologies, Operation Titanic is discussed at the tail end of the hour 11 video (HOUR 11 - Where the Hell is the Luftwaffe? - D-Day 24h - YouTube).
I had not expected this as the operation dropped the fake paratroopers and the SAS commandos around 2 o’clock at night.

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