Can you tell us a little information on Hungary and it's role in WW2?

Hi Indy, greeting’s from London! Do you mind to tell us a little information of Hungary’s role in WW2?


I know that during the war, Horthy had not wanted to fight the Allies and made peace with them, and had in 1944, made peace with the Soviet Union. I believe that the Germans then occupied Hungary as a result of this “betrayal”


Correct & the Nyilaskeresztes Párt or Arrow Cross Party was put in power as they were a lot more willing to fight the Allies & participate in the Holocaust.


I think the whole topic is more than just for an OOTF question and I am 99.9% sure you’ll see more once the war is there on the timeline.
Would be cool to see a format something similar as “xyz country during the war” back on TGW channel for all major participants during WW2.
I would love to put together Hungary as it is my home country and there is gazillions of books, articles, archive photos on this particular era in Hungarian language!
It’s also the 75th anniversary of the siege of Budapest, so lots of articles and books were published on this topic too. Also recently a very well regarded Hungarian historian published his latest Horthy essay which is also interesting to read and I’ll keep it as a source material in the back of my mind if needed by the Timeghost crew.


I wouldn’t say he didn’t want to fight the Allies, he was more concerned not being forced into suing peace with the Soviets (he only sought that possibility in October 1944) or being blamed for the Holocaust. Hungary wasn’t occupied because peace was already made.

How to put this? Kállay was the police informant, but the gang had already ratted him out to the godfather, so by the time he arrived at the parlay they knew what he wanted.

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