Can we get more community managers/moderators on the discord?

Hey guys, so earlier today on the discord server, someone came in and started spamming a bunch of disgusting images, but the only moderator on the server doesn’t even have the permissions to ban or kick the guy. Not even to remove the messages. The advice we were given was to just block the guy so we wouldn’t see the messages.

This is ridiculous. I know the server is relatively new, but the fact that someone can just walk in and start messing up the whole server without consequence is absurd. I hear that the owner of the server has actually been gone for a while, so no one can even change permissions or anything.

I don’t mean to be rude or demanding, but the Discord server isn’t even mentioned in the Overview section on Patreon. But it’s supposed to be official, given that its listed in the tier lists and even has Discord Rewards. But I haven’t seen where those rewards are at all, seeing as the server basically isn’t used.

I think it would be reasonable to either a) get Indy or Spartacus to get ownership permission, since Discord allows you to claim ownership after the owner is AFK for 30 days I believe, or b) just make a new server and have people move there. As well, having Captains or Brigadiers have some sort of mod permissions on Discord would be useful as well.

Anything to involve discord in the community would be appreciated. Thank you.


Yeah that was pretty brutal. Power for the mods, more mods, and a secure admin account that won’t be leaving the community server in the wind. I looked this up and found a thread discussing the same thing:

(People you apparently email)?


Reached out to @Spartacus and @Joram directly. As the existing server moderator I’m happy to take over the day to day running of the Discord; but leaving the moderator role without any usable powers is redundant; and makes it impossible to prevent exposure to graphic, abusive and harmful content.


Just going to give this a quick bump because I’m sure we’d all love to have this sorted out so something like this doesn’t happen again.


Bump again. TimeGhost team, your community needs you, where are you?


I’m here. What can I do for Discord?

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Thank you Norman.

We’ve been having issues with a number of server members that are posting content that is disturbing and clearly against the rules of the server. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but our server admin is either unable or awol which leaves us with no one who can change role permissions or ban the offenders themselves. The moderator(s) that are left are without any powers to enforce the rules-- which leaves our only solution to tell community members to simply block them and wait for help from TimeGhost. That was two days ago.

In the time since then, the violations have continued without reaction. For the specifics of such content, I suggest you take a look for yourself. People, myself included, are also naturally frustrated that this has gone on as long as it has with a number of members reaching out however we could to contact the TimeGhost team.

We need to have a proper dialogue between the remaining mod(s) and whoever is or can be in control of the server (which can be done through Discord’s official channels if required). Through which we can work together to bring the server up to both your standards (as a team) and the community’s.

Again, thank for your help.


I kinda miss the old server we had before March.

I’ve heard only bits and pieces about the original server. But whatever the case was then, surely it must have been in a better place then where it is now. This is the official Discord channel for TimeGhost Army, with the level of professionalism demonstrated in the rest of the team’s efforts, the same should be true of the spaces of their dedicated and supportive community.


@NormanStewart, @mwilsonainslie @jzbarraca

I’m terribly sorry about all this. I have been away for the last week, so I completely missed this. I totally agree that this should have been set up better with more moderators (with actual powers).

What happened is that I was approached by someone why said that he had a lot of experience with managing large communities on Discord, and that he was willing to set one up for us (and manage it). As I (and Spartacus and Indy) are already pretty busy with comments, research and overall production, I did not pay too much attention to the way the Discord server was set up. I try to visit as often as I can, but that’s not too often I’m afraid.

Anyway, turns out this guy 1. deleted his account, 2, didn’t look for additional moderators and 3. didn’t give the moderators any significant roles. I don’t want to shift the blame, as I should have noticed this before. Thing is that I am not necessarily very familiar with Discord and apparently put my trust in the wrong person.

Now, I have deleted the trolls I could find as well a their comments. I have given the current moderators the needed powers, and I am looking for more moderators to help us out here. I think Discord is great and I certainly want to keep this alive and going.

If you want to help us out with moderation, or if you have any suggestions for the Discord server, please send me a DM or write a comment in the added #suggestions channel on the Discord server.

Again, I’m terribly sorry. I will make sure this will not happen again.


I would gladly help in any way that I can.

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I’m supporter of timeghost via the site, not patreon… i didn’t even know we have a discord :smiley: can i help or at least tell me how to get into discord channel :joy:

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Unfortunately, we shut it down a while ago. There was a Patreon announcement about it.

Thats guite a lame… also i’m sad about i can’t get the same info that patrons do… i guess thats the reason i didn’t get those dogtag’s back then

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Not sure of its status now, though…