Can I do some publicitiy for the channel in a french magazine?

I decided to write a little article listing the good history channel and I want to talk about ww2 +I still want to support it (without being a patreon because my parent don’t agree)

Thanks for your answer and congrat again for the 500000 sub


Hey Jean-Marc, that’d be great! Any publicity is very welcome!

Thanks for the support! Cheers!


ok, I’ll send the text in french and you’ll tell me what I can add or got wrong

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here is what I writed ,did I miss anything (I have to make it short since I include other channel)?

" WW2 channel est une chaine youtube montrant la seconde guerre mondiale semaine par semaine, plusieurs émissions sont proposés avec les biography special et ww2 week by week ainmated by indy neidell. Spartacus Olsson animant quant à lui war against humanity et on the home front animé par Anna Deinhard. Indy anime également out of the foxholes ou il répond aux questions posées par la timeghost army . "