Camp X the birthplace of modern spycraft and Espionage

This is not taught in the US nor in Britain but most Canadians have at least heard of it. Camp X was where you went to learn everything about spying and espionage during WW2 and is the birthplace of all modern spying and espionage that most countries use now.

If you have heard of Sir William Stephenson he was the creator of the Camp and about as secretive as they come

Camp X | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Camp-X ● Official Site


Fascinating. Interesting how the spies and special forces all developed in WW2. I am sure there are books on this. I wonder how much the allies worked together on this. Always been a fan of wild Bill Donovan.

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Maybe the birthplace in North America, but Britain had training all over the Empire to train spies and saboteurs. There are some very interesting books about what the SOE did, one I recently read was Giles Milton’s “Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” .

Very interesting read.

And most everything I’ve read about the OSS gives a lot of credit to the SOE and the training in both the UK and Canada.


Totally agree with you. We had nothing on the British….except better handguns lol.

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