By WW2 standards what was constituted a war crime

War is ugly. Of that there is no doubt. It’s not pretty and the lines between morally right and morally wrong are often crossed. WW2 was the first war in which mass destruction occurred hundreds to thousands of Kilometres behind enemy lines where entire cities were laid to waste by indiscriminate bombing and genocide of unheard of proportions took place.

After the war the allies struggled to find common ground on what was considered a war crime and what was considered casualties of war. Carpet bombing was considered at the time a cost of doing war and the killing of civilians on both sides from this was considered a cost of war.

Concentration camps were considered a war crime but many allies struggled with ethnic cleansing of Jews, minorities and others in the camps as prejudices of the time were still high and conflicted as to as whether ethnic cleansing was a war crime or not.

So my question to you all is what did your country during WW2 consider a war crime and what was a cost of doing war?

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