Burning German Junkers Ju 52s at Ypenburg (5-10-40)


The paratroopers were unable to capture the main airfield at Ypenburg in time for the airborne infantry to land safely in their Junkers. Though one armored car had been damaged by a bomb, the other five Landsverks, assisted by machine gun emplacements, destroyed the eighteen Junkers of the first two waves, killing many occupants.


The first days of Fall Gelb were actually not great for the Luftwaffe. A large number of their transport aircraft were shot down or otherwise destroyed rather early on in the battle. Good on the Dutch for giving some back considering how often they are treated like a footnote in the early war. Are you colourising these photos?


Don’t forget Luxembourg! As for them being treated like a footnote, I think it had a lot to do with the fate of France at the end. It kinda stole the spotlight. Also, the Dutch were neutral in World War I, so this was a surprise, but not exactly as compelling.


Very much so, yes. I’m not the only one though. Julius is also colorizing some of these photos.