Bürgerbräukeller bombed (11-8-39)


At 8:00 PM CET, Hitler began a speech in the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall in Munich, to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch. Those in attendance included veterans & prominent Nazis like Goebbels, Heydrich, Hess, Ley, Rosenberg, Streicher, Frank, Esser and Himmler. Hitler ended his address to the 3,000-strong audience of the party faithful at 9:07 p.m. and left the hall to catch a train to Berlin.

13 minutes later, the bomb exploded. The bomb brought down part of the ceiling and roof and caused the gallery and an external wall to collapse, leaving a mountain of rubble. About 120 people were still in the hall. 7 were killed. Another 63 were injured (16 seriously, with one dying later).



Georg Elser, 36, was arrested by German police while attempting to cross the Swiss border. Wirecutters, a Communist badge & a postcard of Bürgerbräukeller were found in his pockets.