Book Recommendations about SOE/OSS

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could make recommendations for books about the Office of Strategic Service or Special Operations Executive. I know the subject practically invites embellishments and biasness, so I don’t want to just buy the first thing that comes up in a Google search. Thank you


This is a fairly decent book I bought for my family last year, covers all the important topics crating the Aniseed Limpet Mine and the notable Operation Anthropoid. Giles spends time on the background of the figure how they conduct their tasks and overall gives a balanced view on SOE operations.


There are 2 books about particular topics. There is the book about Noor Inayat Khan the spy in France for the British. There is also the book about the British raid to take out some of the newer German radar during the battle of Britain.

There was Operation Biting in February 1942 and I do not know if there is a book out about that!

There was another operation done in the first year of Churchill being prime minister, if I recall correctly against some radar installations of some special type whose name I forget and cannot seem to find now!

Maybe these are both the same thing and the Wurzburg radar was found in the first year of Churchill and then the raid was done in 1942!