Between 2 wars 1920-1925

After receiving your wonderful feedback and wishes for episodes here, and under our videos I’ve compiled the list for episodes concluding 1920 and leading to 1925. Here it is:

1920 (episodes 3 and 4)

  1. Identity Politics vs, Imperialism - Uprisings in Egypt, Dividing the Middle east, The Anglo Irish War and the Indian Non-Cooperation Movement
  2. Poland, Finland and Batlics Emerge - Second Silesian Uprising and The Heimosodat


  1. Women’s Rights and the dawn of new social values
  2. The US turns away from the world, Prohibition and the rise of Organised Crime


  1. The Greco Turkish War - identity politics at its worst
  2. The age of Mass Media and the Superstar
  3. Fascism in Italy - Mussolini and the March on Rome


  1. Germany, Hyperinflation, The Beer Hall Putsch and the Ruhr Occupation
  2. The Roaring Twenties - a booming world economy


  1. Lenin’s Death and Stalin’s rise to Power
  2. The birth of a modern world, sport, fashion and the art of the twenties.


  1. China, the Kuomintang, Communism, Chiang Kai Check rises and the Manchurian Dilemma
  2. Japan - The Korean Independence Movement and the Public Security Preservation Law