Battlestorm Video Series on Stalingrad

Time Ghost Crew,

With the weekly WW2 episodes entering into 1942, there will be a focus on the importance of Fau Blau and the Battle for Stalingrad. Here is a video series with book sources listed/quoted. Note: This series is not complete yet on the full battle.

Full Play List

Battlestorm Stalingrad E6 - The Kalach Cauldron - YouTube

At 22:55 to 25:00 It is shown that the Soviets did not know the difference between National Socialism and Fascism, and that the difference between National Socialism propaganda and methodology of indoctrinating their peoples were near identical. Soviet National Socialism vs. German National Socialism.

Paulus’s Late August Mistake? BATTLESTORM STALINGRAD E14 - YouTube

At 7:30 into this episode, the shattered Soviet 154th Naval Brigade (i.e. Marines) command is taken over by Captain “Swear Word”!


My first suggestion to the Timeghost Army team was to maybe team up with TIK because both channels are reliable, knowledgable and, as far as I am concerned both try to incite people to embrace history and be in the uncomfortable zone of needing to keep asking: ‘but is this really the case?’
I finally chose to join this great bunch of people but I very much like and follow TIK as well.
No offense intended of course!

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