Battle of the River Plate (12-13-39)



HMS Achilles as seen from HMS Ajax during the Battle of the River Plate. Note the charred paint on the gun barrels.


Great story this week. I’ve always loved learning about The Winter War. Small note, and I may be the only one, but the use of topographical maps with red lines and red lines depicting battle lines made the maps a bit busy to follow.


You ain’t seen nothing yet!


Of relevance, my video on the matter.


I happened to be flicking through the Wikipedia artice on the Battle of the River Plate and came across this quote which I had to share:

Lieutenant-Commander Richard Jennings Exeter’s gunnery officer remembers:

"As I was crossing the compass platform [to his Action Station in the Director Control Tower], the captain hailed me, not with the usual rigmarole of ‘Enemy in sight, bearing, etc’, but with ‘There’s the fucking Scheer ! Open fire at her!’

Exeter got a critical hit shortly after too, damaging Graf Spee’s fuel purification plant, leaving her with only 16 hours’ fuel and unable to return home to Germany.


This was rleased exactly 50 years after the ship was scuttled.