Banned Twilight Zone episode due to false Pearl Harbor info


First the Twilight Zone is a long running sci fi/mysterie series which is best viewed during a dark night and some thunderstorms. It is very entertaining but consist creepy fantasy scenarios which often loosley tie into contemporaneous events.

In 1964 Mr.Takei served in an episode playing a young Japanese American who took some work from a WW2 Veteran and ended up possessed by a Samurai sword.

This episode was banned and only aired once because it contained the hoax that Japanese civilians (his father) guided in the planes to Hawaii while is pretty hard to miss in daylight anyway.

By the way It might not be intentional to put the hoax inas nothing is true and the American veteran did some dark stuff as well. To me it also speaks against the antagonistic relationship between “old enemies” 20 years after the war. I am from the Netherlands and we have something similar.

PS George Takei went on to serve on the Starship enterprise and he survived his tour despite wearing red in some movies. #never go to space in a red shirt, #don’t apply to space force job involving red shirts

Here is a clip, there are more of those around including interviews with George Takei

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At age 5, Takei & his family were put into Internment camps because of their Japanese background. The other actor Neville Brand fought in Europe in WWII & was awarded the Silver Star. Also, he played Lt. Harold Kaminski in Tora! Tora !Tora!.


Confirmation, Kaminski. I want confirmation.

Little did he realize…


George Takei and his interesting take on the episode and why he got the episode even without auditioning😀.

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