Babson predicts fourth term if war is still on (11-20-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 21, 1943)

Babson predicts fourth term if war is still on

Boston, Massachusetts (UP) – (Nov. 20)
If Germany is still fighting late in 1944 and President Roosevelt is running for a fourth term, he is certain of reelection, otherwise the Republicans have a better than even chance of winning the presidency, economist Roger Babson predicted today.

Speaking at his annual business conference, Mr. Babson said Winston Churchill:

…is very anxious that Mr. Roosevelt be renominated and reelected, and probably Stalin is inclined to agree with him. Therefore, Mr. Churchill may not hurry the European campaign.

Mr. Babson continued:

Certainly, this will be satisfactory to Churchill’s people as the invasion of France would cost a great many English, as well as American lives. As military leaders apparently believe that the invasion of France is absolutely necessary before Germany quits, this means that Germany may not crack until after the elections of November 1944, unless her oil supply is lost before then.


Corona 19 was not the first “Demo-Rat” trick to get votes. American party politics is the center of the world for some few Americans.