Babi Yar escape part 1

Excellent work by Mark Felton

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Note that German authorities in Kassel are still unwilling to bring charges to the last perpetrator. Yes this is current but only because for some reason this scum has enjoyed protection by official who rather be laying wreaths than applying justice.

Dr Zuroff said: “Legal procedural changes were made in 2018 which mean that anyone who was involved in a wider context of murder and genocide, could be charged. Yet here we have someone who was a member of an SS Einsatzgruppe, which was stationed at the time and place of massacre, and he is still not being brought to trial.

“Sadly it’s like Russian roulette here. Basically whether you get a prosecutor who is determined to bring people to justice, and who is really qualified in these cases, or whether it’s a person has hardly experience in these cases, or whether it is even a Nazi sympathiser with no motivation to bring former Nazis to justice.”


Did… did you just post Part 2 twice?

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Just correct, thanks for pointing out!

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No problem. Dr. Felton’s videos are excellent. :slight_smile:

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