Atlantic Chart and USA entering the war

Hello, I wanted to ask. In August 1941, USA and Britain signed Atlantic Chart, it was the pact that declared Anti-Hitler coalition and fightning untill the defeat of the Axis powers. But why USA? In that time USA wasn’t even at war with Germany, why not Soviet Union? Britain had ties with her, even supported them.


Ok, I am using Wikipedia as a source here so, if that is inaccurate I apologize. The Germany first strategy was decided at the Arcadia conference in December of 1941 after Pearl Harbor. Indy talks about this in his December episodes.

The Atlantic Charter seems more to be about a basis for the post war world and the creation of the United Nations.

Why the US and not Russia. From what I read, the British were trying to tie the US into as much cooperation as they could. It was also at the same time we gave them 50 WW1 destroyers so the US would have had lots of leverage.