As the riech crumbled, how were the men of army group courland being suppled?

Hello Indy and Crew! I love and support what your doing. By far the best series of the war. My Question: How was the army group couland being fed and supplied as the russians closed in for the final blows? What were they eating? Could any escape or get back to germany? Or was it constant battle?
Keep up the wonderful history lessons,
From a grateful private in Canada.
Dwayne O.

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Ok, German has two possible spellings with words that have ei or ie. Ei is pronounced like eye in English and ie is pronounced like ee. So we have the Reich and we have Dietrich. The reich is pronounced reyech and Dietrich is pronounced Deetrich. Also, ch in German I think tends to be pronounced as a letter we do not have in English. put the back of your tongue up near the top of the mouth but not completely and blow air forward. Ch is a little like “h” in English and a little like “k.” Anyway, lets not insult any of the Germans by misspelling the word Reich!


Thanks…spelling is not my favorite.
I do appoligize.