As the Germans were marching east, how were they putting their ideas of Lebensraum into practical effect in both the newly occupied territories as well as Poland?

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I wouldn’t say Germans to much as Nazis, given that the Wehrmacht did not have clean hands but until partisans became a problem was generally disgusted with mass murder and such, as per old episodes. Now what the Nazi admin did was pretty horrific. Like most totalitarian movements it began with the democide of the elites, intellectuals, politicians, community keystones and of course Jews. A decapitated army is easy prey, killing all leaders in a conquered country is much the same, in theory. The Soviets did this too in occupied eastern Poland, which is why they massacred all those Polish officers in late 1939.

One of the interesting things the Nazis didn’t do, was abolish the collective farms, because they were easier to control and take food from. In my opinion Stalin was SO hated in Ukraine at least if the Nazis had done ONLY giving people their old farms back, the Ukraine might have been unconquerable in 1943, given the Germans would have immense popular support in the rural countryside where the most effective partisan operations could take place.

Also Time Ghost has some articles on Nazi behavior in the Batlics and how they quickly disabused themselves as liberators.

Basically the Nazis put Lebensraum into practice by being massive dicks on good days and being murderous psychos whenever they felt like it.

As an example:

The Direwanger Brigade’s biggest patron actually turned out to be Hitler himself. I know it’s a tautology at this point but I keep getting appalled on how many levels Hitler is a total POS. I should very well have the notion “Well it’s Hitler, why are you surprised?” But it STILL gets me hopped up.

If I ever get that time machine, baby Hitler is going in the Danube, no questions asked.


ill add a little bit of my knowledge here, basically the wehrmacht was fighting in the front but not far behind the front the SS was putting the nazi ideals into effect in conquered territories. with land the Germans conquered they did establish the land around the NSDAP organization types that were within Germany, however they still referred to them as conquered territories and the government officials in those territories were under the command of NSDAP Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg who was made chief of the foreign territories. the SS also had command structures that would work alongside the party officials in positions known as the HSSPF (Higher SS and Police Leader) who would be mostly in charge of SS and police forces in the local area. those I believe were also mostly set up along the party districts which were mostly like how it was set up in Germany where some states could be huge areas, but some big towns could be their own Gau or state such as Berlin, only definite example I know of is that Moscow was planned to be its own HSSPF district with SS Obergruppenfuhrer Erich Von Dem Bach Zelewski planned as the leader. as the war drug on another interesting but mostly unknown office was created called Osteinsatz, this organization is hard to research because it was created in roughly 1944 and obviously there wasn’t much territory left but the idea was to import German civilians into conquered lands to make them more “Germanic”, it didn’t last long and its so rare only 2 known Osteinsatz uniform items are known to exist. Hope this has been some help I’m a poor writer