As Sparty says, Never forget

… Or you may do something this stupid:

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Are you sure 4chan had no involvement in this because this looks like some 4chan trolling.


“ Gedenktag an die Reichspogromnacht. Gönn dir ruhig mehr zarten cheese zum knusprigen chicken. Jetzt bei KFCheese!"

Sounds like not testing an IT solution maybe the reunion day last week worked.

10 declare variable SpecialCalendarDay
20 Load value from Calendar
30 print variable + come eat chicken :rooster: and non-kosher cheese etc

I will never forget, although like the Pink Panther said it could be hackers. In that case KFC1938 is a stupid password

After Scholze earlier this is Shoah blunder number 2.

Another one with Small Size labels getting shortened to………guess whatHerr von Smallhauzen who was the sidekick of Flick springs to mind😂.

These vertically challenged are ordering to remove the labels.

“Today is [holiday listed on the calendar app]. Celebrate with a [random menu item].”

Panda Express tried that bot a few years ago and it resulted in a tweet about how “Love Your Pets Day” should be celebrated with their new “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chicken” sub-menu. Everybody has forgotten about that little PR nightmare, but let me assure you it was ruff.

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LOL :joy: . Like some project managers say “testing” prevent early go-lives and what can go wrong”