Argentinian neutrality

In episode week 292 Indy Neidell said that Argentina did not declare war on Nazi Germany before 27 March 1945 because Britain didn’t want it because Argentinian shipping to Britain would be less safe if Argentina was at war with Germany.
I don’t think this was decisive for Argentina,
First because Germany had a policy of unrestricted submarinewarfare that also made neutral ships target.
Second, because pleasing Britain was not Argentina’s priority. Argentina had a territorial dispute with Britain (zand Chile) about the sovereignty over the Antarctic Peninsula and used Britain’s distraction in the war to strengthen its claim to parts of Antarctic also claimed by Britain as part of the Falkland Islands Dependencies. Britain reacted with Operation Tabarin and established permanent bases in the disputed territories.
Third, because Argentina’s neutrality annoyed the USA and that had downsides for Argentina. Would they really irritate the US only because Britain thought it would have a benefit in shipping unharmed by Germany?

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