Anzio- perspective change for me

So in the past, when I learned about the invasion at Anzio, I had been on the side thinking the actions were too timid.

Until WWII started covering it. Almost immediately, seeing the hesitation among so many leaders of this action made me start reconsidering. And then when the invasion happened, and you actually saw that how limited the resources were going to be to support the action, as well as the general feeling of the action. I completely changed how I see the action.

Thanks for being so detailed (again).

It’s also pretty fascinating how the war in Russia played out. With both leaders willing to sacrifice their army in the name of “honor”- one can only imagine how it could have changed had the leaders been more open to creative retreats and later counter attacks as opposed to forcing them to stand their ground to the last man.


Anzio was done in the worst way to do something: half-assed.

Invading that location was a good idea and perhaps the only way to break the deadlock on the Italian peninsula, but the invasion lacked sufficient manpower and logistical support.

If a properly-executed Anzio required delaying Overlord by a month or two, so be it.