Any plans to sell copies of the ww2 series in a offline format?

Basically I have a child due soon and I had one of those sudden Jaws - Chief Brody - beach zoom moments thinking about how will my child learn about WW2 when google eventually explodes and youtube becomes the next yahoo. I did a quick search and didn’t find anything obvious. Understandably, yall are no where close to being finish with creating the content.

I would pay a exorbitant amount to guarantee my child has access to your content. I love you peoples and hugely appreciate everything you’re doing!


I’m half tempted to personally achieve quite a bit of Youtube, well a bit for me, Epic Rap Battles of History, The Great War and WW2 in Real TIme…along with Mark Felton. Cause the way the world is going it feels like this stuff is too important for SOMEONE not to achieve it.


Archive History Guy as well. He’s great too.


Right! I would love to buy some DVD-Box in the shop with all the WW2 episodes - just to posess it.
With some minor recut this series would also make a supreme TV-show for any history channel.
This kind of detailed, balanced, hight quality retrospective is unique and deserves - no demands to be spread.