Any 'Allo Allo' fans in here?

Good moaning, I was just pissing by this forum and decided to leave a massage to see if anyone remembers the classic (and monstrously underrated) British series ‘Allo Allo’? It has held up great over the years and could use all the attention it can get.


I loved it and still do. I met Herr Flick, Helga and Gruber At the London Film and Comic Con and they are still fun :-). I thank them fo decades of laughter.It was a bit controversial at the time but their stereotypical jokes do hit all nations with both barrels. Not sure if it could pass the politically correctness bar in 2020. Listen very carefully, I will say …uhh write this only once​:joy::joy:.

Appearantly the German Television people laughed their heads off but there was no way it would be allowed in 1980s Germany. Apart from their habit of dubbing foreign language programs which normally loses some quality but in this case seems impossible.

Lets say a British spy playing a French Gendarme speaking horribly bad French in English WHILE being absolutely confident he speaks perfect French and wonders why these idiots don’t understand him.:upside_down_face: Brilliant show but I don’t see anyone dub this in any other language. Except maybe Wookie​:crazy_face::joy:


Oh, it will NEVER get past standards and practices today. Especially Gruber’s mannerisms. :joy: I also heard that they tried airing it in the US as well, but it didn’t caught on or something. The poor people.

They actually did dub it. Though the French dub did have some problems (guess which character caused the most problems :grin:). They mentioned it on the ‘Return of Allo Allo’ special. To me, the Bulgarian dub is just as good as the original. Especially since they did the accents perfectly. I will never forget the British airmen going ‘Hellouuu’. Classic.


It was wonderful. Swedes of a certain age still all know what “i will say this only once” comes from. Not as universal as Monthy Python, but close. Fortunately, no dubbing, just subtitles.

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Yes, Allo allo is British comedy at its best.

Two downed British airmen have disguised themselves in German uniforms. They are captured and tied up by the French Communist Resistance.
Resistance Girl: So, you Nazi swines thought you could get away from us? Are you going to reveal your plans or should we do this the hard way?
Airman 1: What is she talking about, Carstairs?
Airman 2: I’m not entirely sure, but I do believe they think we’re Jerries.
both shake heads
Airmen: Not Jerries.
RG: So, you refuse to speak? Perhaps, we should use some other methods.
Shows them tyre iron, implying she will beat them bloody
A1: Oh, I get it. She just wants us to help fix her car.
A2: I’m not a mechanic.
bith shake heads
A: Sorry, we can’t help you with your car.
RG: Dammit! I knew these Nazi officers would be tough to crack. Speak now!
She pulls out a pistol and gestures pointing it at her head, implying she will shoot them
A1: Oh my, I think she’s saying that if we don’t help her with her car, she will kill herself.
A2: That would be a shame. Such a pretty thing.
both nod
A: Okay, we will help you fix your car.