Another copy-cat channel it seems

This looks like the Cold War channel all over again. I don’t suppose this guy asked you guys’ permission to use the format he does for his channel? I know as of right now he doesn’t have many subscribers, but he should still have gotten permission. Unless he actually got permission, of course.


He said he was inspired by Indy Neidell’s videos.


Not sure if a weekly format is copy right protected. A Dutch journalist stated a week-by-week podcast 14-18 in Dutch and in 2008. The guy presenting the week by week civil war is kind of interesting and maybe not as flashy as Time Ghost but quite interesting for me. (I also toured a lot of civil/revolutionary war battlefields from Gettysburg to New Mexico).

Personally I do have massive respect for people who commit 4 years of their lives and putting themselves out in the open to present. He seems to be improving and his portrayal of the civil war seems a lot more historical than some megabudget movies (who kind of hesitate from alienating their audience by the truth).

That is just my 2 cents, disagreement does not upset this Wookie ;-)!


The link to the podcast, he tried to monetize it by selling old podcast as CD’s. It is kind of hard to get funds in this world ‎Veertien Achttien op Apple Podcasts


It is also not as petty as the Cold War channel, that uploads its weekly videos at around the same time WW2 does.


I like his videos also, he did a great one on Austrian independence, I loved that one, that was where my dad was stationed in signal corps.


hmm, I guess that is okay then, maybe? Would like to hear the response from the time ghost crew on that score, though.


If you look at his most recent videos he is dressed in period clothes and siting in front of a map, so kind of like the cold war channel, except he also does it week-by-week. That’s why I characterized it as I did.

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Permission for what? Day by day or week by week history is a very old format, from Calendars to books to documentaries. It’s hardly unique or can be copyrighted.

If they do it well, this sort of imitation is great. Timeghost can’t do every conceivable historical topic. Even if they do, others can develop variations of the format, different editorial styles, or create content from a different perspective. If done well, all of us enjoy greater choices, competing ideas, competing presentations, and better content.

If they do a poor job – they fail to do proper research, support wacko conspiracy theories, push political agendas, try to recast history in light of current subjective moralities, or just do a poor job of presentation – they will fail on their own accord.

TIK is a channel on YT. I watched one episode. The presenter was not very well-spoken. I think the content was good – mostly seemed objective and well supported – but the supporting graphics and imagery were not strong. The presenter might be a fine fellow, he might be very knowledgeable, but his word choice, grammar, and general demeanor undercut his credibility. I probably won’t watch their videos in the future.

By contrast, another channel, I think Tank Encyclopedia, had the opposite issue. The speaker seemed to have an even demeanor, was well spoken, but showing grainy footage of Cold War era T-66 tanks on an exercise while discussing an early World War II tank just destroyed their credibility. None of the video was even remotely related to the content. In the comments, they defended their decision to use irrelevant video because they lacked the resources to pay royalties for relevant video. Then why bother? They undercut their credibility.

If this guy does a great job on the US War Between the States week by week, more power to him. We all benefit.


Personnaly, I don’t like TIK at all due to the conspiracy theory stuff about the marxist controling the past somehow and the nazi were socialist 5 hour edition stuff