"Animefied" WW2

This may or may not be the place to ask (my first time here), but I gotta ask, but; one (kinda embarrassing), are there any “otakus/weeaboos” in the Time Ghost Army? And, Two, (for both normal people and weebs) What’s your opinion on Anime shows and games that use WW2 as a theme such as shows like Girls und Panzer and Izetta: The Last Witch and games such as Azur Lane, etc.

I’m curious to know

P.S. Keep up the good work, and anime is the reason why I got interested in both WW2 and Sabaton


Surprisingly as a weeb I haven’t watched a lot of ww2-related anime, the exception being Fumiyo Kōno’s In This Corner of the World, but it’s nice to meet a fellow anime nerd.