An idea for an early war special

Hello Indy and Team,as i wrote under the firdt weeks video of the WW2 Series,me and my friends would like to research for an early war special and we had an idea: The Secret German Rearmament programm under the treaty of Versailles. For example they tested and developed tanks in sweden and the Ussr,submarines and planes in the netherlands and firearms in austria and switzerland.Just to name some examples.If you guys think it would be an good idea we will start researching more detailled infos and maybe pctures etc.


I like it! It’s an interesting topic that isn’t covered a lot.


It’s a great idea, but perhaps more for Between 2 Wars than a WW2 special - open a thread in TGIS and start filling it up and if we get enough together for an episode we’ll do it.


This video explains a great deal, maybe you could expand on it

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