An Army private's sick leave (1-14-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (January 14, 1941)

Weather and influenza conspire against Army private
Kansas City, Mo., Jan 14 (UP) –
John Martin, a private in the Medical Detachment at Ft. Sill, Okla., was granted leave yesterday to come to Kansas City to see his mother, critically ill in a hospital.

Since his leave was for only 72 hours, he decided to fly.

But when his plane from Oklahoma City arrived over the airport here, the fog was so dense it couldn’t land. Martin was taken on to Chicago.

He boarded another plane there back to Kansas City but by the time it arrived, the fog again was too thick for a landing. He was taken on to Ponca City, Okla., about 100 miles from where he started.

He caught a train which finally arrived here last night.

This morning, he went to the hospital where he found there was a “no visitors rule” in effect because of a flu epidemic.


The Green Weenie strikes again! $10 says that due to no fault of his own he was not able to make it back in 72 hours and got a company grade Article 15 for his troubles.