America First lists new Lindbergh talk (9-21-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 21, 1941)


Chicago, Sept. 20 (UP) –
The America First Committee announced today that it would sponsor an address by Charles A. Lindbergh at Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 3.

The announcement followed a controversy over remarks made by Mr. Lindbergh at an America First-sponsored rally at Des Moines last week which some quarters interpreted as antisemitic.

The executive committee of the isolationist organization met Thursday and announced that Mr. Lindbergh’s Des Moines speech had been considered and that a statement regarding it would be issued within a few days.

A spokesman for the organization said a small referendum of America First leaders throughout the country was underway.

The Pittsburgh Press (September 22, 1941)

Lindbergh booked –

Statement expected this week from group

Chicago, Sept. 22 (UP) –
The America First Committee today reaffirmed its sponsorship of Charles A. Lindbergh in a series of addresses beginning with Mr. Lindbergh’s appearance at Fort Wayne, Ind. Oct. 3.

The announcement followed a meeting of the organization’s executive committee last week to consider Mr. Lindbergh’s recent Des Moines, Iowa, speech which some quarters denounced as antisemitic.

A positive declaration of the America First Committee’s stand on Mr. Lindbergh was expected this week at the conclusion of a mail-referendum of committee chapter leaders.

The news sponsorship coincided with an announcement by the Keep America Out of War Congress, at New York, that it disagrees with Mr. Lindbergh’s Des Moines address. The Congress said it regretted his indictment of the Jewish people as a major “war agitator” or the identification of Jews as separate from the American people.

The Congress said both the America First Committee “of which Mr. Lindbergh is a member” and itself obtained aid from Jews.

The Pittsburgh Press (September 23, 1941)


Saturday speech in Washington canceled for lack of broadcast time, committee says; Oct. 3 set for Fort Wayne appearance

Chicago, Sept. 23 (UP) –
An America First Committee spokesman said yesterday that Charles A. Lindbergh’s scheduled speech from Washington Saturday night had been canceled because the radio time available “wasn’t worthwhile.”

The spokesman asserted:

CBS had only 15 minutes open and Lindbergh usually speaks for 30 minutes.

He emphasized that the new series of Lindbergh speeches under America First sponsorship would start at Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 3.

The committee representative said:

Fort Wayne clamored for a meeting Ocrt. 3 and since Lindbergh doesn’t speak but once every 14 or 20 days, we chose to cancel the Washington date and go ahead with the Fort Wayne one.

He said radio time had been applies for, but declined to name the network.

He denied that the cancellation had anything to do with Mr. Lindbergh’s recent Des Moines speech, which has been widely criticized as containing antisemitic sentiments.