America at war! (1941–) – Part 5

More power proposed for peace board

‘Frisco group adopts Vandenberg plan

Monahan: Pittsburgh Playhouse tosses ‘a party’

Craft Avenue gang ending season with a song-studded jamboree
By Kaspar Monahan

Editorial: Phase two

Editorial: Will we be ‘Uncle Sap’?

Editorial: ‘On to Tokyo’

Editorial: AP makes amends

In San Francisco –
Edson: Social affairs at conference start Sunday

By Peter Edson

Ferguson: Mother’s Day, 1945

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Background of news –
Preamble to the Charter

By Bertram Benedict

Wilson’s widow disputes daughter

Millett: Housewife can offer comeback

Variety in meals an impossibility

New progress made toward mines peace

Lewis and operators meet with Ickes

Kaiser plans home building on big scale

Will erect entire communities

Fate of Ford’s bomber plant up to Senate

Willow Run slated to close in July

Cobbledick: Back in civvies

By Gordon Cobbledick

Stokes: Vicious circle

By Thomas L. Stokes

Othman: A start anyway

By Fred Othman

Love: Quiet, please!

By Gilbert Love

Log of a B-29 raid on Tokyo

Crew sings on way to Japan
By W. H. Shippen Jr., North American Newspaper Alliance

Re-education –
Strict censorship set for Germany

Occupation forces to publish only papers allowed – ‘invasion currency’ to finance project
By Charles Stevenson, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Gracie Allen Reporting

By Gracie Allen

Well, I see Japan is angry with the Nazis for quitting, and may break off relations with German Government if they can find it.

It was reported that just before Berlin fell, Hitler tried to reserve a room in Japan, but the Japs replied, “So sorry.” They said they were afraid of getting into trouble – as if they weren’t in enough trouble already.

Those Japs certainly have a realistic attitude. When a thing doesn’t work, and isn’t any good anymore, they’re through with it and throw it away. I wonder how soon they’ll come to that conclusion about their empire.

I read a while back that the Japanese Government had seized all the stopwatches used in timing athletic events. Realism again. If they’re going to break records losing territory, they’ll have the official time.