America at war! (1941–) – Part 4

Latest Mrs. Flynn expected to sue actor for divorce

Wife awaited in Hollywood

Ickes doubts UMW will strike

Fuels chief cites serious situation

In Washington –
House passes bill to draft single nurses

Marriage deadline set for March 15

Yanks clearing Batangas area below Manila

17 Jap ships blasted in Far East raids

First B-29 raid on Wake reported

UNRRA critics put blame on Washington

Action, no results brings censure
By Charles T. Lucey, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Britain hangs Boston soldier for murder of taxi driver

Paratrooper shows no emotion at gallows – dancer-accomplice starts life term

Roosevelt ends Hyde Park visit

Spends weekend resting and working

Men turned into torches as Japs set fire to ship

Navy tells story of assault-transport which survived attack to land men in Philippines

Four accused in charity racket

1,350 U.S. heavies blast Ruhr Valley

Oil and railway targets hammered

Philippine puppet captured by Yanks

Aguinaldo served on Jap-created council

Million Nazi troops captured since D-Day

On Italian front –
Allies tighten hold on peaks near Bologna

Sharp skirmishes as 5th Army mops up

War leaves Cologne cathedral scarred and strewn with rubble

By John B. McDermott, United Press staff writer

Editorial: Pray for his success

Editorial: Good appointment

Editorial: Eden defends the Poles

Edson: Overhead runs magnesium cost to triple price

By Peter Edson

Ferguson: Moral crisis

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Background of news –
The no-strike pledge

By Bertram Benedict

Full story of shelling told –
Santo Tomas killings offer U.S. a lesson: Japs must be crushed

Witness tells of brutal attack made by foe on 3,700 liberated after 3-year ordeal
By Royal Arch Gunnison, North American Newspaper Alliance

Air-sea rescuers save B-29 crew

Major adrift 5 days on life raft

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Millett: Society shouldn’t stare at this new threesome

By Ruth Millett