America at war! (1941–) – Part 3

New Guinea showdown –
Aussies press Japs on Huon

Jaws of trap closing about enemy forces
By Don Caswell, United Press staff writer

9 cents an hour –
Rail holdouts accept truce

Accord may speed return to private control

Bogged in oratory –
Union becomes delay tax bill

Senate session due today to speed vote

Poland seeks U.S. mediation

America, Britain may act in border dispute

The dizzy, dazzling city

By Florence Fisher Parry

In Washington –
Labor draft’s sponsor pins hope in public

Austin: Hearings will win people’s support for legislation


Soldier vote fight

Washington (UP) –
A stormy House debate on soldier balloting appeared certain to take place next week after Elections Committee approval of a bill authorizing the War and Navy Departments to send cards to servicemen asking them to write their home states for ballots.

The House committee version would amend the Senate-approved bill which merely recommends that the states enact legislation to facilitate soldier voting.

No sooner had a Republican-Southern Democrat coalition approved the measure 7–5 yesterday than Committee Chairman Eugene Worley (D-TX) blasted it as a “ghost bill” which would not enable servicemen to vote next November and would “destroy their morale more than all the enemy bullets, bombs and propaganda have been able to do.”

Mr. Worley had offered a compromise plan authorizing the War and Navy Secretaries to distribute ballots to the men overseas which would then be collected and forwarded to the several states for validation and counting. This the committee bypassed, but sentiment among Democratic members of the House appeared to be swinging in that direction.

They’re all out –
Rickenbacker lauds Russia

Premier Stalin pictured as super-nationalist

Nation called to celebration of brotherhood

President sends message to conference of Christians and Jews

More fathers to be called up

Lag in 1943 inductions creates new need

Pinups giggle at Army view of morale art

What’s a sarong for? Asks the gals who wears one

Heart fails gang stooge as gunman slays leader

‘Little Zookie’ shot down on his Chicago doorstep as rivals battle for Capone throne

Law violated by portal pay, Republic says

Miners’ travel time never intended under labor act, court told

Army dog decorations bring an investigation

Washington (UP) –
The War Department is investigating the award of an Army decoration to Chips, war dog hero of the Sicilian campaign.

The inquiry was instituted, it was said, because there is no provision in Army regulations for warding medals to dogs, however heroic.

Chips reportedly received the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.

If the War Department decides it does not approve of giving medals to dogs, presumably it could invalidate the awards to Chips.

Nelson sticks to WPB’s plan to hoard paper

Government holds surplus despite protest of industry leaders

In jail, too –
White farmers stage sit-down

71 Missourians indicted on riot charge

Editorial: You’re another!

Editorial: Protecting the home market

Editorial: Absurd and unjust

Editorial: Ernie’s a celebrity

Edson: Sudden cutbacks, wrongly handled, can cause panics

By Peter Edson

Ferguson: War pictures too grim?

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson