America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Editorial: The ‘B2H2’ boys

Ferguson: Women and war work

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Background of news –
Post-war policy and the Senate

By Blair Moody, North American Newspaper Alliance

Millett: If you live in glass house, don’t start hurling stones

War workers aren’t only ones who spend
By Ruth Millett

Supreme Court reaffirms free speech of employers

Companies at liberty to advise workers if they express only an opinion, Supreme Court rules

Clare Luce’s daughter spends $5,100 in year

A Pacific second front now!

Island-hopping will speed victory
By Gilbert Cant

Clapper: Big chance

By Raymond Clapper

Maj. de Seversky: New Azores bases will make possible air umbrella over Atlantic sea lanes

By Maj. Alexander P. de Seversky

Small papers ask bond ads

Publisher of weekly testifies for proposal

Joe Gordon to retire

Völkischer Beobachter (October 20, 1943)

Mit kleinen und großen Konferenzen gegen USA. –
Englands Kampf um die ‚Freiheit der Luft‘

Von unserer Stockholmer Schriftleitung

The Pittsburgh Press (October 20, 1943)

Germans fire farmhouses, kill civilians

Allies capture 17 towns as foe falls back to new line
By Richard D. McMillan, United Press staff writer

Raiders wreck 60 Jap planes

Enemy caught by surprise at Rabaul base
By Don Caswell, United Press staff writer

Caiazzo massacre –
Entire families mowed down by Nazi riflemen

By John Lardner, North American Newspaper Alliance

U.S. fliers rip West Germany

Britain-based bombers go on 100th mission
By Walter Cronkite, United Press staff writer

Stimson, Marshall tell ‘secrets’ –
400 Congressmen are given ‘inside dope’ on the war

Group of experts discusses all phases of global conflict in Library of Congress auditorium

While fathers fight –
Labor hoards in war plants hinted in area

Members of draft boards ‘unconvinced’ of manpower shortage

Ben Bernie is dead of a heart attack

The door

By Florence Fisher Parry