America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

U.S. Navy Department (October 18, 1943)

CINCPAC Press Release No. 158

For Immediate Release
October 18, 1943

Shortly after midnight Sunday morning an unidentified airplane approaching from seaward was illuminated by searchlights at NAS Barbers Point, Oahu.

The plane, which appeared to be a small, float-type monoplane, immediately dived in an attempt to elude the lights, reversed its course, and sped out to sea, at low altitude.

The circumstances of the plane’s approach would appear to indicate it was an enemy craft on a reconnaissance mission. It is considered that the mission was unsuccessful. The probability exists that the plane was launched from a submarine.

The Pittsburgh Press (October 18, 1943)

German attacks smashed, Allies tighten pincers

Yanks seize 7 other villages after clinching victory on Volturno; strongpoints on flanks fall
By Richard D. McMillan, United Press staff writer

Few strikers heed appeals by Lewis, WLB

Larger pits remain closed as Birmingham’s steel mills cut output

Another air victory –
104 Jap planes wrecked as Allies lose only two

43 other enemy aircraft probably destroyed during two-day air clash in Southeast Pacific
By Don Caswell, United Press staff writer

Comptroller general testifies –
‘Wining and dining’ of Army men linked to ‘high’ contracts

Later sale of equipment as scrap, $225 for employee’s teeth, jukebox and liquor payments described to House

Flying Fortresses resume raids against Nazis

Daylight smash at Europe follows Berlin attack by Mosquitoes
By Walter Cronkite, United Press staff writer

Off to flying start –
War Fund gets $839,665 in day

First report is well above that of last year

Fears Smith-Connally Act –
Lewis believed unwilling to call general coal strike

UMW chief impressed with volume of public opinion against new work stoppage
By Fred W. Perkins, Pittsburgh Press staff writer

Governor ousts reporter because of ‘stinking’ story

Governor of Massachusetts aroused by article charging ‘hoodlums’ terrorize Jews

Downey: Army to seek million more

Senator reveals ‘semi-official’ reports

Treasury plan for new taxes fought by NAM

U.S. getting enough money now, House committee is told

Accuser of Flynn fights for child

Yanks waiting for exchange

Gripsholm to depart for U.S. on Oct. 21
By John R. Morris, United Press staff writer

Air superiority myth, flier in Solomons says

Outnumbered by Japs in every battle, fighter commander says
By George Weller

Allies to raid Germany from bases in Italy

Fliers soon will be able to hit from north and south
By Donald G. Coe, United Press staff writer

Rough desert road jolts inch off 6’5” driver

American covers 20,000 miles on Cairo-Tunis highway with British 8th Army

Bioff admits telling lies at own trial

So many that he can’t remember, he testifies in racket case

In Washington –
Farmers filling nation’s leader to 1943’s level

Remarkable achievement in production cited by Food Administration for next year’s supply

Big papers fight handout –
Bankhead bill for war bonds to be debated

Small publishers to give views on federal ‘subsidy’
By Robert Taylor, Press Washington correspondent

U.S. Serbs to greet Gen. Mihailović

U.S. fliers win 4–1 –
Yanks soon will receive bomber mounting cannon

New U.S. plane described as three or four years ahead of its class