America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Clapper: Father draft

By Raymond Clapper

I know, it just an hoi4 reference.

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Völkischer Beobachter (September 16, 1943)

Londoner Befürchtungen um die Lage in Italien

Kritische Phase in der Schlacht um Salerno

Deutsch-japanische Erklärung –
Dreierpakt bleibt weiter in Kraft

Neue sowjetische Durchbruchsversuche abgewehrt –
Große deutsche Erfolge bei Salerno

Beute- und Gefangenenzahlen bei Eboli in ständigem Wachsen

The Pittsburgh Press (September 16, 1943)

Nazis driven back, ‘beachhead secure’

Gen. Clark: Allies will drive on and occupy Naples, Rome
By Richard D. McMillan, United Press staff writer

Gen. Clark: ‘Not one foot of ground will we give up’

Text of U.S. general’s order of day to his troops

Air offensive in second day; Berlin raided

Fortresses batter German naval base of Nantes on French coast
By Walter Cronkite, United Press staff writer

Boys and fathers?
17-year-olds may help fill draft quotas

300,000 men a month are needed, officials tell Senators

Contract conniving?
U.S. indicts Congressman in war fraud

Curley named with five others including Pittsburgher

Roosevelt to speak for war fund drive

Infantile paralysis epidemic on decline

Ex-air raid wardens admit spy charges

Salerno is far from New York

By Florence Fisher Parry

Steel heiress seeks release from hospital

Woman is being held in institution for mental cases

2 generals’ wives work in war plant

Engineers do job in spite of Nazi assaults

By William Stoneman, representing the combined U.S. press

Signs of Fascism erased aboard Italian submarine

Packard goes aboard undersea craft following its surrender to Allied navies
By Reynolds Packard, United Press staff writer

Gen. Marshall: Harder blows in offing

U.S. Army Chief of Staff arrives in Mexico by plane

Allied-Soviet parley plans being revised

But London hears missing of foreign ministers virtually assured
By Harrison Salisbury, United Press staff writer

Allied forces within 2 miles of base at Lae

Three columns advancing against trapped Japs in New Guinea
By Don Caswell, United Press staff writer

Raid wardens consider test of spy statute

Government rests cases against two New York men