America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

In varying degree –
‘Recognition’ given French

U.S., Britain put limits on their action
By H. O. Thompson, United Press staff writer

Much-traveled First Lady arrives in New Zealand

Mrs. Roosevelt to visit military hospitals and camps throughout Pacific area

Welles quits as Hull’s aide

Secretary denounces some writers, commentators

Roosevelt may decide –
Court-martial faces guards at Brewster

Defiance of Navy orders to be basis of charge if OK is given
By Fred W. Perkins, Pittsburgh Press staff writer

War demands to reduce gas for civilians

OPA may not lift non-essential driving ban until Sept. 15

Stolen gems are restored to Pittsburgh’s princess

Most of royal jewelry recovered by FBI; two men held

Churchill to revisit U.S.; speech set for Tuesday

Veterans urge bedrock check on deferments

Claim induction of single war workers would delay drafting of fathers

Ickes fearful of coal strike

Every ‘persuasive’ effort is called for

Scantily-clad girls picket OPA office

Army guards kill two Nazi prisoners

Wake Island Marine alive in Jap prison

Former Braddock gunner writes to niece of his safety

Crew of U.S. sub Perch is now indicated saved

Hawaii clash may go before Supreme Court

Richardson’s stand against civil authority upheld by War Department

Under a spreading palm, blacksmith serves mess

Philadelphia sergeant passes sausage and spam to Hotel de Gink guests in Tunisia
By Gault MacGowan, North American Newspaper Alliance

Grade labels may again by battlefield

‘Descriptive’ requirement circumvents Taft prohibition
By Ned Brooks, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Healing war’s wounds –
Disabled veteran offered a chance to train for work

Existing administration expects 447,500 in its post-war schools and shops; men to earn as they learn
By Frank Sinclair

Kiska is found devastated, a graveyard of Jap hopes

Destruction is everywhere, showing deadly effect of U.S. planes and Navy guns
By Morley Cassidy, North American Newspaper Alliance

Petrillo again refuses to end recording ban

Transportation problem may prevent orchestra concert tour

Lawyers demand ban on war plant strikes

Editorial: Pat on the back

From The Stars and Stripes