America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Aiken prefers food resale to rollback

Vermont Senator finds ‘OPA professors’ block farm bloc

House prober lays coercion to FCC and OWI

‘Alienism’ charge hurled at FCC

Strike averted as rail union, carriers agree

Details of settlement not disclosed; government approval awaited

Air officials begin studies on helicopter

CAA hopes to avoid flying ‘flivver’ traffic jam after war

Simms: Red faces feared if United Nations put Duce on trial

Record shows – and there are many living witnesses – that Mussolini was one of first to warn of Hitlerism
By William Philip Simms, Scripps-Howard staff writer

‘Fiercest fighting’ in Sicily precedes fall of Troina

1,500 Nazis, supported by Italian cannon, battle to end in vain effort to hold mountain bastion
By C. R. Cunningham, United Press staff writer

Kaiser ‘agent’ meant to say he’d like to be

Celler upsets tax examples of Morgenthau

British really pay less, he says if hidden levies count

Lee’s great-grandson serves as U.S. private

New York (UP) – (Aug. 7)
Pvt. Robert E. Lee IV, great-grandson of the Confederate general, is stationed at Camp Upton, New York. He is the son of George Bolling Lee, a captain in the U.S. Medical Corps in World War I and a physician in the Spanish-American War.

Old Indian trick bags mess of Nazi bombers

Allied air forces gain upper hand on all war fronts

German and Jap fleets, never designed for long war or defensive fighting, lose strength as our power grows
By Peter Masefield, North American Newspaper Alliance

Petrillo asked to raise ban on symphonies

Recording issue raised as union suggests free concerts

Russia, China called key to enemy defeat

Adm. King asserts Allies must enhance their efforts in war

Hi, neighbor –
Midwest folks don’t want to give East gas

Bitter sentiment rising against proposal to equalize rations

The Nazi flier was good, but the Yank was better

By Nat A. Barrows

Editorial: Danger!

Editorial: Sam and Henry

Editorial: One born every minute

Millett: War wives live alone but they aren’t keen about it

By Ruth Millett

Army fails to squelch this comic!

Sgt. Oshins is still very funny fellow in spite of military rules

Oscar winners finish two films, ready for release

Senator Glass urges nation to forget politics