America at war! (1941--) -- Part 2

Fortresses set Frankfurt afire

Bombers smash through rocket-shooting Nazi fighter planes
By Walter Cronkite, United Press staff writer

Big increase in new taxes is proposed

Treasury gives alternate plans, starting at $10 billion

Military Affairs Committee chairmen reveals –
Army retains 1,766,000 trained troops in U.S.

All have had 1-3 years in service, Senator Reynolds testifies at hearing on Wheeler bill

War just beginning, Knox says after voyage to Italy

‘Hardest, costliest part’ still ahead in Europe and Pacific, Secretary declares
By Donald G. Coe, United Press staff writer

New Soviet envoy pledges friendship

Clark Gable wins medal for ‘courage, coolness’

London, England (UP) –
Capt. Clark Gable, former movie star, has been awarded the Air Medal “for exceptionally meritorious achievement while participating in five separate bomber combat missions over occupied continental Europe,” it was announced today.

The citation said:

The courage and skill displayed by Gable on these occasions reflect great credit upon him.

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‘…Ditties of no tone’

By Florence Fisher Parry

Laura Ingalls free; prison fight bared

In Washington –
Post-war farm depression is feared if prices climb

Department of Agriculture study warns readjustment may be difficult
By Daniel M. Kidney, Scripps-Howard staff writer

AFL Convention opens –
5 resolutions oppose Lewis

Only one approves readmission of miners

Massive blows set, Patterson tells AFL

Soldiers in fistfights

Attleboro, Massachusetts –
More than 200 soldiers from nearby Camp Myles Standish staged a series of fistfights in downtown Attleboro early today and several of them were hurt. Seven soldiers were arrested and will be arraigned in district court on charges of drunkenness and causing a disturbance. Observers said the riots stemmed from a fistfight involving soldiers. Police said no civilians were involved.

Editorial: Delegation to Moscow

Editorial: Polls and jobs

Editorial: Taft and fathers

Thrasher: How a freshman got Congress to adopt 55 words

By James Thrasher

Ferguson: The silent heroes

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Labor democracy on exhibit –
Mammoth UAW, still without czar, convenes

Million-member union plans attack on no-strike pledge
By Fred Perkins, Pittsburgh Press staff writer

Ever been homesick?

By Maxine Garrison

Millett: Don’t let hubby upset you because he talks of draft

Plan some social life he enjoys and try to keep his mind on happier thoughts
By Ruth Millett

Survey: Russia seeks to lead world in production

Plan drafted to surpass countries in consumer goods output

Record carrier traffic seen

Passenger travel is almost double 1918 figure