America at war! (1941– ) (Part 1)

Unsolved mystery of the ‘20s –
Hall-Mills murder trial widow claimed by death

Aged wife of slain minister dies after illness of several months

Clausen joins in church plea for peace plan

Christmas manifesto wants Congress to appoint a commission

Spitfire equals 3 locomotives, Eagles discover

American squadron members bring tales of fighters sinking ships

Resignation of OPA chief meets approval of oil men

Industry blames Henderson for present troubles; will ask Ickes to increase crude prices

The Pittsburgh Press (December 21, 1942)

Planes, tanks asked to save Afrika Korps

Desperate Axis commander indicates he’ll make stand in Tunisia

French troops 50 miles from Tunisian east coast

By Walter Logan, United Press staff writer

Vote is 6–2 –
Court upholds Reno divorces

Supreme Court reverses bigamy decision

Ban on sales ends –
New gas ration plans debated

High officials called to White House parley


Washington –
Economic Stabilization Director James F. Byrnes reported today after a conference with officials in charge of the government petroleum program that there is “no hope for any lessening of the restrictions upon the use of gasoline and fuel oil.”

Around the clock –
Bombers down 46 Nazi planes

Airdrome smashed near Paris; war center hit
By Sidney J. Williams, United Press staff writer

Fathers sure to be called into services

Not enough men without dependents for 9,700,000-man force

Liquor sales rationing seen for 17 states

Four monopoly systems restrict purchases; others prepare action
By Ned Brooks, Scripps-Howard staff writer

More drastic auto curbs on way, Nelson declares

Travel by common carrier will be curtailed also, he says; many retail stores may be forced shut

Army release rule explained

38s and over must institute action

Few films banned by Decency Legion

Washington (RNS) –
Slightly less than 1% of the 530 films reviewed this year by the Legion of Decency were “condemned,” according to the annual report of the Catholic organization, released here.

The Legion rated 51.13% of the motion pictures it reviewed as “unobjectionable for general patronage,” compared with 51.25% placed in this category in the previous year. It found 38.11% of the films “unobjectionable for adults” and 9.62% as “objectionable in part.”

The Legion report noted an increased demand for its weekly list of films from USO clubs and chaplains in the Armed Forces.

Quezon is awarded honorary law degree

Stokes: Rising costs, fixed prices plague U.S.

Administration favors subsidies, farm bloc asks raised ceilings
By Thomas L. Stokes, Scripps-Howard staff writer

Exiles’ entry to U.S. asked

Christian churches urge refugee aid

Nation digs up a billion over December goal

Treasury consequently ups victory fund figure to $11 billion

Eight states hunt autoist with boy’s body in trunk

Gloria averts furniture sale by paying up

Hits people in Manhattan, Kansas, as ‘un-American’

Many prohibited and restricted zones set up along East Coast by general

Regulations on persons in affected areas tightened; military officials will govern civilian actions to safeguard war installations