Allied “wunderwaffe”

Given the recent special on the V-2, and my personal disdain for people who still fawn over Hitler’s “Wunderwaffe”, I’d like to ask if there’s any interest from the team/community in a special about allied special weapons. The recent mention of the proximity fuse in OotF and also RealEngineering’s own video make me feel like there’s a rich if under-explored/appreciated history here and also a great room for collaboration with other phenomenal content creators.

The only “secret” allied weapons that seems to get any recognition in the YouTube space are the Norden Bombsight and the atomic bomb.


Very true, for example these ones. Also a lot of planes like the Meteor/Vampire/P-80 were great BUT the Allies took much more time before putting them into the front lines due to testing. The Me-262 eg had a really horrible low engine life. Also a lot of the computer games feature planes which were drawing board only.

More Allied inventions would be great!

Also he proximity fuse was extremely effective and great they featured it!

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You forgot the greatest Allied Wunderwaffe of them all. . The Bob Semple tank. Best tank of the war. 0 kills and 0 destroyed. No wonder the Japanese left the New Zealanders alone.