Allied and Axis Soldiers in North Africa

During the North African Campaign, many soldiers performed acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. These men came from the USA, the UK, Germany, and Italy. All who had soldiers in North Africa. I ask, if possible, a coverage of some soldiers who earned their nation’s highest award. Of the Allied nations, the United States it is Nicholas Minue, Medal of Honor recipient, and the United Kingdom it is Eric Anderson, Victoria Cross recipient. For the Axis nations, Germany it is Gunther Halm, Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross recipient, and Italy it is Luigi Arbib Pascucci, Gold Medal of Military Valour recipient. These are some of the men who earned their nation’s highest award for bravery while serving in the North African Campaign. I hope you can cover this or give thought to it. I enjoy the work you guys make. Godspeed.