Age restricted Video on Youtube

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As Youtube in its eternal wisdom has chosen to age-restrict the newest video (seems to be a new fad, happens on a lot of channels), could you please make it available on another platform (vimeo, whaterver)?
I do not intend to give Google my ID or my credit card.



Check out their work on LBRY.


Is there an official channel?

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Worse even, after giving the required info, they still block these videos, I sense a boycot on honest history, censureship has been put onto us!
It is known: always, the first casualty of war is the truth.
Never forget


You can also use Clipgrab if you are on a computer. It will bypass this ridiculous censorship.

I’ve noticed the video uploads on LBRY came later than those on youtube, from hours to days later, and the color contrast isn’t great compared to the youtube uploads.
A great option for mobile users though!


Thanks for your tip, Vince.
I actually am able to wath those episodes on my phone but would like to stream them on my huge TV…so actually I have a luxury problem and am already grateful to watch on my phone. Most episodes are no problem to stream

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My dad was a surviver of a German penal camp (Straflager für Niederländer ‘Schwarzerweg’ Wilhelmshaven), he was a political prisoner. He didn’t talk much about what happened to him during his captivity, but in many aspects of his personality and behaviour his suffering showed through.
My mom had told me how emaciated he was when he came home, weighing less than 40kg, unable to stand still and upright.
For me as a child, it was impossible to even remotely imagine what he went through … it still is.

One day in early May, I think I was eleven years old and home alone watching TV, a program commemorating WW2, for the first time in my life I saw pictures and film footage of KZ inmates (including the infamous pictures of Soviet POWs in Mauthausen concentration camp).

Now, 55 years later, I can still feel the shock … how my heart stopped, the blood drained from my head and I literally fell from my chair. These images have forever haunted me and caused a sleeping disorder that still bothers me. My whole life I’ve been searching for answers, how could this have happened, who were the people responsible, how can a person do this to others?

So, I think the ‘War against Humanity’ series is very good and extremely important. You must go on telling this, showing this … but children should not watch this without adult guidance. This is why, in your poll on YouTube, I voted for the middle option; ‘parental guidance up to 16 years old’.


Welkom to the forum and thanks for sharing your touching experience.

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Chewie/ Marc also living in NL


Good point, your data on google is there’s to sell plus they ok check out article 230.

Here is another aptly named link where TG are showing the videos!


As ever, Marc, I appreciate the way you are such a respectful and knowledgeable senior member on this forum!
Cheers from Tilburg!:+1:


Greets back from Eindhoven, oh and I am just a member who likes this forum. :slight_smile: