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Welcome to TimeGhost Intelligence Service’s HQ! This category is for community driven research. Just pick a topic, find sources and post the info you find! This will keep Indy and Sparty from working themselves to death. The only way to tackle something as big as WW2 is by community effort, and people have been doing great work thus far. We’re counting on ya!

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Hey, is the Beetwen 2 Wars series continuead or is it canceled? I’m asking becouse I was thinking about posting more resarch but it we’re close to the WW2 channel grand premiere I think so…?

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Quite a good question actually… I know as little as you of course, but I’d expect that it’s not cancelled per se, but rather on a sort of semi-hiatus while they get the WW2 show up and running. Once that gets going, I think/hope they’ll get back to making the B2W episodes on the side!

Any ways, we’ll have to wait and see what Spartacus let’s us know. They’re probably quite busy preparing WW2 for now, but once they post the first videos, some sort of announcement will probably follow :slight_smile: