About Integralism - (Beetween two wars) From Populism to Fascism

About the Integralist mention on 3 oct. episode “Rise of Evil - From Populism to Fascism” - I’m a integralist collaborator lol … (calm down people i’m not a fascist/nazi). First of all, congratulations Time Ghost Army, that was a really good mention. Was a good view about the movement, the definition were right “Used facists aesthetic” (yes) “aproach to nationalism” (yes) - “fighting communists on streets” (we still doing this, but with the law) - “With the law? How?” : In general most of the today’s socialist voters, are (at least on Brazil) lazy people, without interest on work, that smoke cannabis, all day. So, you just need “call the cops”, to solve any problems.

About me (and what i know, about the movement today) - We are, just a bunch of nerds, who really likes history, and have one, or two, family members (or someone on the city like me) that were involved with the movement. Most of the time, the University members, prefers WE (integralists), on taking care of historical issues, than their own students (this happened a lot, on this last days, with the National Museum fire at the UFRJ). Just to illustrate…i’m the only one (with 25 years old) that i know, interested on WW2/WW1 in my city, (having a veteran on the family) the rest of the family does not care about it, the rest of the students, only wanna know about the new iphone 11, and the next summer hit (song).

We have a website =) :


and a photo of our facebook page… 27709560_1741085745944405_5904314591183043771_o

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About the movement itself : At the time (1930) the brazillian president - Getúlio Vargas, was a dictator, and the socialists wanted to put down, all the Brazillian culture of the time, to bring up a plan of “URSSfication” of latin america (this plan still running on today - at the figure of Brazillian politician Lula) URSSOTA

We have to remember, that brazil, was the second most NAZI country, besides Germany…

So…the philosopher, Plínio Salgado, created a movement, that puts together, nation, culture and politics, something like “Brazillionism Movement” - this movement is … “Integralism” :svg

Really, i need to explain Brazillian politics here XD…not only because of integralism, but our actual president, was called “nazi” without being one. He’s just a liberal (more like US republican) than Nazi itself.

On Brazil we had the second biggest nazi party in the world - Losing only by the Germany.

On the photo : “Great speech from Hitler”

Brazillian Nazi Party meetings :
Nazismo-no-Brasil f_428667

At the time, Plinio Salgado needed something to broke the Nazism and the Socialism (both at the same time). So he picked up a lot of intelectual friends…And created the integralist movement. The integralism, were the way, wich Brazillians, marked political positions, without got directly into the war, neither Allies (US/URSS) or Axis, just “Anauê”.

Integralist “salute” - Anauê : It means “You’re my brother” on native/indigenous language (Tupi Guaraní)

Integralist meeting (not the guy on the photo, but the second in command of integralist movement, were a black guy)

Integralists, today…most of the activities - Going to church, helping another’s integralist son, or, giving money to the poor.

Maybe the question - “but why create such movement with fascist traces” - Well : This is a recent


We have, socialists, that wants to really, create, a new “URSS”, on latin america, with high taxes, extreme participation of state on daily life, and education by the state. They’re still using the “hammer and sickle”.

The damnation of latin america (On the photo - C. Kichner, former president of Argentina/ Lula, former president of Brazil/ Evo Morales, on process of quitting and Hugo Chavez, ex-dictactor of Venezuela)

I fail to see what is so bad about putting in place policies that benefit workers.

I also fail to see what is so good about letting corporations run everything. Big business, for example, is not interested in curing diseases or preventing them. They want to make money, so they will not work on cures or preventative anything. They want you popping pills for life, because that’s where the profits are.

That is the #1 reason why healthcare (the example I’m using) should be primarly run through the government, as it basically benefits the population at large to prevent serious infectious diseases from spreading, and to combat the fake news spread by the anti-vax crowd.

Law enforcement and fire services are other things that should never be privatized. Because that would imply that those with more money have the right to more law enforcement and more fire services. I could go on for a while but this forum is about other things.

The decades since the end of World War II have seen plenty of democracies overthrown by western powers and replaced with right wing dictatorships, often supplied with CIA trained death squads and western intelligence services training the dictator’s police on torture methods.

Bolsonaro is a serial liar, but that seems to be in vogue with right wing authoritarians these days. Tell lies, have your supporters threaten anyone who calls the lies out and label anyone checking the facts or reporting it as “fake news”. And he most certainly does not respect the Amazon (a symbol of Brazil), but sees it as a profit center for his corrupt friends, who like most right wing politicians and executives care nothing about the planet, but only about profits.


Ok guys, lets all take a step back. Stuff about President Getulio Vargas & Brazilian Integralism of the 1930’s & 40’s are history & are most welcome on the forum. Stuff about President Jair Bolsonaro & the current Brazilian government’s policies are well… current & good or bad are probably best suited for a forum about Brazilian or International politics. I do have some opinions on the Social Liberal & Workers’ Parties, but I’ll freely admit I only have a passing knowledge of what is going on in Brazil. I’m not going to take a side in this debate & I’m not trying to badmouth anyone. I just want us to remember that we are all here because we love to learn & share history. Whatever our politics, we have that in common.


His post is off topic too…criticizing without knowledge about the situation of the country.

Sorry, when I said “Ok guys” at the beginning of my last post, I did mean both you & Marsattacks. I wasn’t trying to single you out nor criticize the political beliefs of either of you. You are both entitled to your positions on current events, I just think this is not the best place to have a debate on them. I still would love to hear more of the Vargas years in Brazil from you as I know next to nothing about it.


It doesn’t matter, the entire premise of this thread is in violation of nearly all of the community rules and guidelines, specifically rules 1 and 2 though one could make arguments about violating the other three as well.


1 - I’m not making politics…the objetive it’s to show a political period, that had a lot related with WW2

2 - I’ve tried to stay the maximum on past…

To not desrespect any of the forum members…i’m making some changes on the own guideline of this thread.

Gonna talk more about the “30’s” (1910/1930) than 2010/2019.

So i’m going on with the post… (My interest with this thread, it’s only historical…i’m not making politics)

I have to continue on the question “Why Plinio Salgado, created such movement, with fascist aesthetics”

Let’s remember that at the time…the kind of aesthetics - flags, military uniforms, that type of “freikorps” style, were in vogue. But the main objective of integralists was to create a movement, closing spaces to the Nazis don’t spread, and also, to the Socialists don’t spread too. Besides the “aesthetics” the movement it’s only about, remembering to Brazillians, who they really are. At the time, Americans, Germans and even Japaneses, tried to put Brazil on their sides of the WW2.

Also…we had a revolution (the revolution of 1930) happening. rev-1930

That was another motive to put Plinio Salgado, on the way of creating a different political movement.

The revolution of 1930…marked the begging of the “Vargas Era”.

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Think about it… Two armed conflicts happening on the country - one in 1930 and the other on 1932…

Socialists, Nazis, Americans, Japaneses, Germans…

A war, on the horizon (the second world war)

The response of Plinio Salgado, and some other intelectuals, was - Integralism. A political movement, without interest on war, and at the same time, focusing on the country.

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