A possible TimeGhost segment for war propaganda / patriotic movie reviews?

This has been rattling in my head for a couple of days, but this would offer valuable knowledge on notable films during the period i.e. 49th Parallel, To Be or Not to be, In Which We Serve, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Sahara, Casablanca, Five Graves to Cairo etc… and spotlight the directors who had either evaded persecution from axis powers and / or were readily part of the propaganda war effort.


Sounds great, the propaganda movies are historic in there own ways and some like the first of the few or gung ho still impress.


Indeed, and how early talent was detected in future icons with David Lean, Michael Powell, Billy Wilder and so forth. (Lean was an editor on 49th Parallel for the trivia buffs out there.)


I actually created a list of WWII movies and documentaries for my family to watch, the purpose being to educate them on the war and the attitudes of the times. I arranged them chronologically. The biggest problem was the lack of foreign films with subtitles. I included post-war films as well because much of the subject matter wasn’t adequately covered until after the war. But there are several wartime films which have withstood the test of time and remain remarkably fresh today. Among these are Why We Fight (the Frank Capra series), They Were Expendable, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, In Which We Serve, Wake Island, San Demetrio London, Pride of the Marines, Wing and a Prayer - The Story of Carrier X, Since You Went Away, The Story of GI Joe, and The Way To The Stars (AKA: Johnny In The Clouds).


In Which We Serve taught me that “effete” men like Coward can play stern types very well, I wonder if Mountbatten had a reaction to his portrayal?

Carrier X looks like a movie we’d enjoy. Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:


Rumor has it that Mountbatten was given to similar proclivities when not bedding some Lord’s wife or a famous actress. He was from the dark sheep of the Royal family, you know.

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