A one sided affair? Decoding messages

All we ever seem to hear about is the cracking of Axis Powers codes, but I’m sure Germany and Italy were trying as actively to crack the allies. I can’t believe that they had no success in their venture correct? As much damage cause by the information received from enigma for example then how much, if any, did decoding Allied codes?


I strongly suggest you pick up a book I am currently reading right now, published by Osprey Publishing, which is specialised in military history.

Book is called “Third Reich is Listening” - https://ospreypublishing.com/the-third-reich-is-listening

The book deals exactly with the German intelligence efforts in WW2.


Thanks as an American it always seems to understandably be slightly unbalanced

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I strongly reccomend the book Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.
Stephenson writes, that the Axis(Mostly Germans) had a much harder time breaking allied and especially British ciphers, because the Nazis had expelled, exiled or imprisoned/killed many bright minds and scientists due to ideological reasons, who could’ve been a lot more helpful. This partly made their cryptological means worse, since the British and Americans had a much larger pool of foreign and national scientists.